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Clipping of RTE guide feature on Today Tonight 'Hospice for the dying' feature April 18 1986.jpg
Clipping of an RTE Guide feature by journalist Paul Blanchfield on his reporting for the RTE Today Tonight 'The Hospice for the Dying' published in the April 18 1986 edition. The clipping was among Mary Redmond's personal papers.

Today Tonight (RTE) 'A hospice for the dying' episode aired April 23 1986
Footage from an episode of RTE's Today Tonight series addressing the need for hospice care in Ireland. The footage features interviews with Dr John McCarthy from Our Lady's hospice in Harold's cross Dublin discussing the lack of pain control and…

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Radio interview transcript featuring John Bowman speaking with Dr. Ciaran O'Boyle the day after the launch of the Irish Hospice Foundation
A transcript from a radio interview given by Dr. Ciaran O'Boyle, with the RTE broadcaster John Bowman. The discussion centres around the recent launch of the Irish Hospice Foundation, and the organisation's work and goals. It was transmitted on RTE.…
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