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Attendees, including audience and panel members of Hospice Friendly Hospital Programme May 2010

Attendees, including audience and panel members, of the May 2010 Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme

Attendees, including audience and panel members, of the May 2010 Hospital Friendly Hospitals Programme

Images from the launch of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Ethical Framework on End-of-Life

Volunteering handing out name badges
Images from the Forum on End of Life Conference given on the 24th October, 2013. This programme was a one day conference organised around a range of issues relating to dying, death and bereavement. The theme of this conference was “Length of Days,…

Professor Cillian Twomey.JPG
Images of various attendees at the 2013 forum on End of Life in Ireland

Audience at Forum Meeting on Cost of Living and Dying
Images from the June 25th 2009 forum meeting on the cost of living and dying

Alan Kellehear Forum on end-of-life meeting Fitzwilliam Hotel Sept 16 2009.JPG
Images of Professor Allen Kellehear speaking at the End of Life meeting on September 16 2009 at Fitzwilliam Hotel

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