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RTE news report on the Access to specialist palliative care' report June 26 2013
A report discussing the launch of the 'Access to specialist palliative care; what the data tells us' report, June 26 2013

Access to specialist palliative care services & place of death in Ireland.pdf
Perspective series report two, 'Access to Specialist Palliative Care Services and Place of Death in Ireland - what the Data Tells Us'. The report analysed information from the Health Service Executive's (HSE) Minimum Data Set for Palliative Care and…

Enabling people to die at home - infographic.pdf
Inforgraphic illustrating the findings of the report 'Enabling people to die at home' published by the Irish Hospice Foundation December 2014

Enabling More People to Die at Home.pdf
This report explores the best ways of providing simple metrics to measure success in meeting the preference of more people to be cared for and die in a home setting, thus reducing the number of patients dying in acute hospitals. IHF perspectives…
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