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Research committee summary, 2006-details of grantees
Minutes from the 2005 Irish Hospice Foundation Research Committee meeting concerning the allocation of grants.

Literature Review of "Communication" for the Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.
A literature review on the topic of communication in a hospital setting for the friends and family of the dying which was undertaken for Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Quality Standards for End- of- Life Care in Hospitals: Making end-of-life care central to hospital care.
Report on how to identify and implement quality standards for end-of-life care in a hospital setting.

Literature Review of "Integrated Care" for Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospital Programme.
A literature review of academic writings on the topic of integrated care.

Key Performance Indicators for End-of-Life-Care.pdf
Research on place of care and death in Ireland

Irish Hospice Foundation, Research Strategy Outline, 2001.pdf
Copy of document outlining the Irish Hospice Foundation research aims and proposed activities from 2001.

Irish Hospice Foundation Research Aims and Proposed Activities, 2006..pdf
An outline of the Irish Hospice Foundation's Research Aims and Proposed Activities for 2006.

Irish Hospice Foundation Centre for Death and Bereavement Studies - Strategic Long term Plan - DRAFT February 2000- Five year strategic plan overview.pdf
Draft copy of Irish Hospice Foundation Centre for Death and Bereavement Studies, Strategic Long term Plan from February 2000, outlining the plan for the upcoming five years.
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