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Palliative care for all 'Bridging the Gap' conference 2012

Jo Hockley - Using-action-research-as-a-change-model-in-palliative-care.pdf

The first national conference organised under the Irish Hospice Foundation's Palliative Care for All programme took place on Friday 14th September…

Residential Network (formerly Community Hospital Network)

What-Matters-to-Me-Evaluation-Findings-Aoife-O-Neill (DCN12).pdf

Presentations, Agendas, and other documents from the Residential Network (formerly Community Hospital Network), one of the HFH networks.

Forum on End-of-Life 2011 (Presentations and Workshops)

Forum-2011-Preparing-the-Public-Workshop (Kathy McLoughlin & Marie Richardson).pdf

Presentations and Workshops from Forum on end-of-life conference 2011

Forum on end-of-life in Ireland conference 2009

A speech given by President of Ireland, Mary McAleese at the launch of the Forum on End-of-Life in Ireland, 2009.

Documents and photos pertaining to end-of-life conference 2009

Contributors: Mary McAleese
Irish Hospice Foundation
Maurice Manning
John Waters
Eugene Murray
Allen Kellehear
Mona McGarry

Forum on end-of-life in Ireland conference 2013

FORUM-2013-ITA-MANGAN-Introduction to Forum.pdf

The Forum 2013 conference was titled “Length of Days - Quality of Life"

Contributors: Irish Hospice Foundation
Dr Kathy McLoughlin.
Dr Una Geary.
Marie Lynch and Samantha Taylor.
Dr Paul D’Alton.
Jean McKiernan.
Ita Mangan.
Professor Göran Hermerén.
Professor David Smith.
Fergal Keane.
Professor Charles Normand.
Dr. Deirdre Madden

Forum on end-of-life in Ireland conference 2015

Workshop Aine McCambridge and Patricia Richard Clarke Presenation Think Ahead Forum 2015.pdf

Presentations from the 2015 Forum, the theme of which was “Dying to talk? – Conversations about end-of-life in Ireland’

Contributors: The Irish Hospice Foundation.
Dr. Brendan O'Shea.
Dr. Katherine Sleeman.
Bryan Nolan.
Dr. Niamh Collins.
Dr. Susan Delaney.
Aine McCambridge.
Patricia Rickard Clarke

Rare Wines Gala-Fundraiser

Letter from Vincent Kenny to Dr. Mary Redmond

Documents relating to the fundraising event Rare Wine Gala, held in the 1980's by the Irish Hospice Foundation. The fundraising was directly related…

Contributors: Dr. Mary Redmond.

Dr Mary Redmond gala dinner - speeches and transcripts

Patrick Ussher pays tribute to his  mother Dr Mary Redmond.pdf

Recordings and transcripts from the Dr Mary Redmond gala dinner October 21 2016

Dr Mary Redmond Gala dinner October 21 2016

Programme for Dr Mary Redmond Gala Dinner- October 21 2016

Gala dinner held on Friday October 21st 2016 to commemorate Dr Mary Redmond the founder of Irish Hospice Foundation and celebrate the 30th anniversary…

St Francis Hospice Raheny

Letter from Irish Hospice Foundation CEO Vincent Kenny to Sister Bernadette McMahon relating to Kilmore West site, 1988.

An early priority of Mary Redmond and the Irish Hospice Foundation was the need for a second hospice in Dublin. In 1987 Mary Redmond began…