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Images and documents relating to the founding of St Francis Hospice and the relationship between Mary Redmond, the Irish Hospice Foundation and St Francis Hospice


An early priority of Mary Redmond and the Irish Hospice Foundation was the need for a second hospice in Dublin. In 1987 Mary Redmond began fundraising for the establishment of this second hospice. The Irish Hospice Foundation along with the Daughters of Charity began a home care service for North Dublin from a portacabin on the grounds of the Capuchin Friary in Raheny.
The Capuchin Friars donated the site of their monastery garden and St. Francis Hospice Raheny was built on this site.
In 1993 the purpose built offices for the community Palliative Care team opened and Hospice Day Care services began. In 1995, St. Anne's Inpatient Unit was opened comprising 19 beds.


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St. Francis Hospice groundbreaking ceremony
Irish Hospice Foundation breaks ground on the site of St. Francis Hospice in Raheny, northside Dublin, in 1988.

Planning documents for St. Francis Hospice.
Variety of documents relating to the suggestion and planning of the future site of St. Francis Hospice.

Announcement of building of St Francis hospice, 1989
A report and brief interview by RTE to discuss the possibility and need of building an new hospice in the Dublin area, St. Francis Hospice. This includes a brief interview with Dr. Mary Redmond.

Interview with Sr Bernadette McMahon Daughters of Charity, on Mary Redmond and the founding of St Francis Hospice - Recorded October 19 2016
Sharon Foley CEO of Irish Hospice Foundation interviews Sr Bernadette McMahon of the Daughters of Charity, founder of St Francis Hospice on her first involvement with Mary Redmond and the early work to establish St Francis Hospice. The interview was…

Letter from Therese Brady to Mary Redmond on setting up of volunteer bereavement support for Saint Francis Hospice - July 1989
Letter written by Therese Brady from UCD school of Psychology to Mary Redmond on the setting up of a volunteer bereavement support service for Saint Francis Hospice

Letter from Irish Hospice Foundation CEO Vincent Kenny to Sister Bernadette McMahon relating to Kilmore West site, 1988.
A letter from I.H.F CEO Vincent Kenny to Sister Bernadette McMahon, discussing the possibility of using a site in Kilmore West to build the proposed hospice. A variety of community and health and safety issues are mentioned in relation to the…
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