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Mary Redmond's tribute at Therese Brady's funeral 1 Feb 1999.pdf
The typed tribute read by Dr Mary Redmond in tribute to Thérèse Brady

Fellowship & Certificate of outstanding achievement presented to Therese Brady 15th December 1988.jpg
Image of the certificate presented to Therese Brady for on the occasion of her being appointed a fellow of the Irish Hospice Foundation for outstanding contribution to the hospice movement. The certificate was presented to Therese Brady by Mary…

Lifeline Obituary.pdf
An obituary from Lifeline publication

Obituary - Medicine weekly 17 Feb 1999.pdf
An obituary for Thérèse Brady that appeared in Medicine Weekly following her death in 1999.

Irish Psychologist Obituary May 1999.pdf
An obituary for Thérèse Brady - clinical psychologist and honorary director of the IHF Bereavement Service - published in The Irish Psychologist in May 1999.

IHF Letter 071096.pdf
A typed letter from Thérèse Brady to Dr Mary Redmond. It was written in October 1996. It sets down Thérèse Brady's ideas for the IHF.

Therese Brady.jpg
A photograph of Thérèse Brady
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