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Therese Brady.jpg
A photograph of Thérèse Brady

Obituary - Medicine weekly 17 Feb 1999.pdf
An obituary for Thérèse Brady that appeared in Medicine Weekly following her death in 1999.

Mary Redmond's tribute at Therese Brady's funeral 1 Feb 1999.pdf
The typed tribute read by Dr Mary Redmond in tribute to Thérèse Brady

Lifeline Obituary.pdf
An obituary from Lifeline publication

Irish Psychologist Obituary May 1999.pdf
An obituary for Thérèse Brady - clinical psychologist and honorary director of the IHF Bereavement Service - published in The Irish Psychologist in May 1999.

IHF Letter 071096.pdf
A typed letter from Thérèse Brady to Dr Mary Redmond. It was written in October 1996. It sets down Thérèse Brady's ideas for the IHF.

Fellowship & Certificate of outstanding achievement presented to Therese Brady 15th December 1988.jpg
Image of the certificate presented to Therese Brady for on the occasion of her being appointed a fellow of the Irish Hospice Foundation for outstanding contribution to the hospice movement. The certificate was presented to Therese Brady by Mary…
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