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Conversations-at-End-of-Life-Bryan-Nolan Maintaining Hope to the End Forum 20150.pdf
Presentation by Bryan Nolan at End of Life Forum 2015

Niamh-Collins-EOL-Forum-2015 Conversations in the Emergency ROom.pdf
A presentation by Niamh Collins, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, at Forum on End of Life 2015.

Katherine Sleeman Presentation Forum 2015 Let's Talk About Death.pdf
A presentation by Dr. Katherine Sleeman of the Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London, at the Forum on End of Life Conference 2015.

Workshop Aine McCambridge and Patricia Richard Clarke Presenation Think Ahead Forum 2015.pdf
A presentation by Aine McCambridge at the 2015 End-of-Life Forum

Dr-Brendan-O-Shea-presentation Your Conversation.pdf
A presentation by Dr. Brendan O'Shea at the Forum on End of Life Conference 2015.

A PDF of the Agenda for the 2015 End of Life Forum

Forum on End of Life Conference 2015 Full Programme
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