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A PDF of the Agenda for the 2015 End of Life Forum

Forum on End of Life Conference 2015 Full Programme

Conversations-at-End-of-Life-Bryan-Nolan Maintaining Hope to the End Forum 20150.pdf
Presentation by Bryan Nolan at End of Life Forum 2015

Dr-Brendan-O-Shea-presentation Your Conversation.pdf
A presentation by Dr. Brendan O'Shea at the Forum on End of Life Conference 2015.

Katherine Sleeman Presentation Forum 2015 Let's Talk About Death.pdf
A presentation by Dr. Katherine Sleeman of the Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London, at the Forum on End of Life Conference 2015.

Niamh-Collins-EOL-Forum-2015 Conversations in the Emergency ROom.pdf
A presentation by Niamh Collins, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, at Forum on End of Life 2015.

Workshop Aine McCambridge and Patricia Richard Clarke Presenation Think Ahead Forum 2015.pdf
A presentation by Aine McCambridge at the 2015 End-of-Life Forum
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