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FORUM-2013-Dr-Deirdre-Madden Legal Perspective Dignity in Dying.pdf
Presentation by Dr. Deirdre Madden at Forum on End of Life 2013

FORUM-2013-FERGAL-KEANE-Mary Holland Memorial Lecture.pdf
Lecture given by Feargal Keane at the 2013 Forum.

FORUM-2013-Professor-Charles-Normand Living and Dying with Dignity in Today's Ireland - Research Perspective.pdf
Presentation given by Professor Charles Normand from a research perspective on the topic of living and dying with dignity in today's Ireland.

FORUM-2013-Dr-Kathy-McLoughlin  Pressing the Pause Button - Reviewing End-of-Life Care (workshop).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Dr. Kathy McLoughlin on reviewing end of life care, at the 2013 End of Life forum.

FORUM-2013-Dr-Paul-DAlton  Caring for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Patients at End of Life (Workshop)_.pdf
Workshop facilitated by Dr. Paul D'Alton on caring for lesbian, gay and bisexual patients at the 2013 forum on End of Life.

FORUM-2013-Dr-Una-Geary  End-of-Life Care in the Emergency Department (workshop).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Dr. Una Geary on the topic end of life care in the emergency department at the 2013 Forum on End of Life.

FORUM-2013-JEAN-MCKIERNAN-Introductory Remarks.pdf
Welcome given by Jean McKiernan to the 2013 Forum on End of Life.

FORUM-2013-Planning-for-the-future-when-you-have-Dementia.Marie Lynch and Samantha Taylor (workshop).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Marie Lynch and Samantha Taylor on the topic of planning for the future when you have dementia, at the 2013 Forum on End of Life.

FORUM-2013-Professor-David-Smith-Response (Quality of Life, Length of LIfe, Ethical Issues, A Response).pdf
A presentation given by Professor David Smith in response to the keynote speech by Professor Goran Hermeren, at the 2013 Forum on End of Life.
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