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John McAreavey (centre) with representatives from Fanaghans and the Irish Hospice Foundation at 'living with loss' Nov 3 2016.jpg
The 2016 Irish Hospice Foundations annual November public information evening on bereavement took place on 3rd November. It was held in the Alexander Hotel.
The guest speaker was John McAreavey from the Michaela Foundation who spoke spoke on the…

HFH-Network-Meeting-Agenda.-09-June-2016- (AHN June 2016).pdf
Agenda of the Acute Hospital Network Meeting June 2016

Forum-2011-Medicalisation-of-Dying-Workshop (1) Prof Aidan Halligan.pdf
A workshop facilitated by Professor Aidan Halligan relating to the topic of the medicalisation of dying.

Forum-2011-Tom-Inglis Response to Conor O'Cleary.pdf
A response by Dr. Tom Inglis to Conor O'Clery.

FORUM-2013-Professor-Goran-Hermeren (Quality of Life, Length of Life, Ethical Aspects).pdf
Keynote speech given by Professor Goran Hermeren on the topic of ethical aspects of quality of life and length of life at the 2013, Forum on end of Life.

Elevation Pictures of West and South
Image of the West and South faces of the proposed building for St. Francis Hospice, Raheny.

Drawings of Lands- St. Francis Hospice
Drawings of the lands on which St. Francis Hospice in Raheny would be built.

Artist impression of St. Francis, 1991
Artists impression of St. Francis hospice, Raheney.

Artists Drawings of Hospice
Original artists drawings which were to become St. Francis hospice in Raheny.

Dr Mary Redmond with Sunflower girl.JPG
Picture of Mary Redmond relaxing at her home with her painting 'sunflower girl' hanging in the background and the family cat in foreground
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