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A speech given by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the 2011 Forum on End of Life

Personal submission - Death of a child - On Behalf of Anamcara Parental & Sibling Bereavement Support.pdf
A submission on the death of a death of a child to the Forum on end-of-life in Ireland on Behalf of Anamcara Parental & Sibling Bereavement Support.

Briefing-on-Advance-Care-Planning.-D.Shanager-A.Edghill-Irish-Hospice-Foundation (AHN 26, November 2014).pdf
Presentation by Angela Edghill and Deirdre Shanagher at the Acute Hospitals Network Meeting, November

A-Journey-of-Change-Anna-deSiun- (DCN11).pdf
A presentation by Anna de Siun, National Development Co-ordinator (Residential Care) delivered at the Dublin Community Hospital Network Meeting August 2014

Presentation-on-results-of-the-Irish-national-audit-of-dementia-care-in-acute-hospitals (ACH 4, March 2014).pdf
Presentation by Anna de Siun at the Acute Hospital Network Meeting, March 2014

Bereavement-Care-Subgroup.-Anne-Bergin (AHN 38, March 2015).pdf
Presentation by Anne Bergin, project leader of the bereavement care sub-group, at the 2015 June Meeting of the Acute Hospital Network Meeting

HSE-Maternity-Bereavement-Standards-Maternal-Death-Guideline (AHN Anne Bergin).pdf
Presentation by Anne Bergin from Acute Hospital Network Meeting June 2016

Anonymous - Story 7 - death of child following leukaemia.pdf
Death of a six year old girl with acute leukaemia recalled in 2009 submission to Forum on end-of-life in Ireland.

Anonymous - Story 8.pdf
Death of a five year old girl in a public hospital detailed in submission to Forum on end-of-life in Ireland in 2009.
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