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'Champions for change' flyer
Flyers with 'Champions for Change' slogan and logo to promote Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme

'Champions for Change' poster
Poster using the 'Champions for Change' slogan to promote the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme

Community Hospital Network 2013 Review.pdf
A review of the community hospital network (one of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals networks) from November 2013

Conversations-at-End-of-Life-Bryan-Nolan Maintaining Hope to the End Forum 20150.pdf
Presentation by Bryan Nolan at End of Life Forum 2015

Niamh-Collins-EOL-Forum-2015 Conversations in the Emergency ROom.pdf
A presentation by Niamh Collins, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, at Forum on End of Life 2015.

'Coping with Christmas' Press release 15th December 2011.pdf
Press release issued on December 2011 giving advice on 'Coping with Christmas' including details of the coping with Christmas leaflet and the short video with advice from Dr Susan Delaney.

DNAR discussion Nov 2016.pdf
A presentation at the Residential Network Meeting November 2016 (formerly Dublin Community Network)

End of Life Care Planning 21st March.pdf
Presentation by Rita Gallagher at the Dublin Community Hospital Network (part of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network)

'Finding your way through Loss and Grief: When Life Doesn't Turn out the Way it was Supposed to', 2008
An invitation to the talk 'Finding your way through Loss and Grief: When Life Doesn't Turn out the Way it was Supposed to', by Ted Bowman,trainer, educator, and consultant who specializes in change and transition, in Dublin in 2008.

'Good Grief' -Tape 4-Self forgiveness and grief.
Audio recording, originally produced in cassette format, dealing with issues of self-forgiveness and grief, produced as part of the Complicated Grief Programme, which was directed by Dr. Susan Delaney with Dr. M Katherine Shear as patron.
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