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Zest!Cookbook alternative cover.
A variety of alternative covers considered for the Zest!Cookbook

Zest! cover image (by amp Visual).jpg
Final cover image of Zest! Cook book, by Steve Averill of Amp visual

Zest!Cookbook, open with a meal.
Images of the Zest! Cookbook being read, with prepared recipes, and opened to various pages
An ad for the Irish Hospice publication Zest! featuring Kevin Dundon. Zest! is a collection of 180 recipies from 62 of Ireland's top restaurants the proceeds from which go to the Irish Hospice Foundation. Created by NOMOS productions

Zest 2009 Flyer
Variety of advertising material used to promote the Zest!Cookbook

FORUM-2013-Planning-for-the-future-when-you-have-Dementia.Marie Lynch and Samantha Taylor (workshop).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Marie Lynch and Samantha Taylor on the topic of planning for the future when you have dementia, at the 2013 Forum on End of Life.

FORUM-2013-Dr-Una-Geary  End-of-Life Care in the Emergency Department (workshop).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Dr. Una Geary on the topic end of life care in the emergency department at the 2013 Forum on End of Life.

Grainne Mc Gettrick - Dementia-Palliative-Care-Workshop-Presentation.pdf
Three workshop presentations delivered at the 'bridging the gap' conference in September 2012.
1. presentation by Grainne McGettrick, Policy & Research Officer, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Michele Hardiman, Assistant Director of Nursing,…

Forum-2011-Carers-Workshop-Marie Lynch.pdf
A workshop facilitated by Marie Lynch at the 2011 Forum on End of LIfe, relating to the issue of carers,
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