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Palliative Care for all - Action Research Project Overview, 2011
This video features interviews detailing the Irish Hospice Foundation's palliative care for all action research project which aims to extend palliative care to patients with end stage dementia, respiratory illness and heart failure.
A short video highlighting the importance of personal, dignified spaces for patients and families at the end of life. Families reflect on personal experiences of the death of a loved on in an Irish Hospital and how improvements to hospital design…
This short piece film explains the 'Think Ahead' form and the importance of thinking about furure care in case of accident, emergency or serious illness. The purpose of the 'Think Ahead' project is to develop a system to guide members of the public…
Recorded by 12/10/2011

National Practice Development Programme: End of Life Care in Major Band 1 Hospitals. Introducing a Framework for Person-Centered Care.
An interim report on the effect of a programme implemented in several hospitals around Ireland, intended to develop a person centered framework.

Fostering a Culture of Effectiveness in Care at End of Life through Practice Development: Report on the Introductory Practice Development Summer School.
A report on the experience at a practice development summer school with a focus on how to develop effective tools and procedures when dealing with end of life care.

HFH (2011) End of life care map.pdf
Thirteen page guide for hospital staff involved in any aspect of end-of-life care. 2011 version.

Bertie Ahern, Mary Redmond and Denis Doherty at the 25th anniversary of the Irish Hospice Foundation.
Images from the 25th anniversary of the Irish Hospice Foundation.

Thank You Day logo
The Thank You Book also generated a range of Thank You cards and led to ‘Thank You Day’. Thank You Day, modelled on U.S. Thanksgiving, was held in November 2011 and aimed to be a dedicated day of giving thanks.

RCSI Certificate in Children and Loss graduating class, group photograph, 2011.
Image of the RCSI Certificate in Children and Loss graduating class, 2011.
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