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Jo Hockley - Using-action-research-as-a-change-model-in-palliative-care.pdf
Powerpoint presentation delivered by Jo Hockley at the palliative care for al 'Bridging the gap' conference, September 2012. The presentation is titled 'Using action research as a change model in palliative-care' September 2012

Min Stacpoole - Introducing-namaste-a-care-programme-for-people-with-advanced-dementia-at-the-end-of-life.pdf
Presentation delivered by Min Stacpoole
Dementia Research Nurse, St Christopher’s Hospice, London at the 'bridging the gap' conference September 2012. Presentation is titled 'Introducing Namaste: a care programme for people with advanced dementia at…

Rory O Donnell and Patricia White - Advanced-Respiratory-Disease-Action-Research-Project-Findings.pdf
Powerpoint presentation titled 'advanced respiratory disease action research project findings' delivered by Dr Rory O’Donnell (Respiratory Consultant, St James’s Hospital) and Dr Patricia White (Research Officer, Irish Hospice Foundation) at the…

Karen Ryan - Findings from Heart-Failure-Action-Research-Project.pdf
Dr Karen Ryan
Palliative Medicine Consultant, Mater Misericordiae Hospital and St Francis Hospice; and Clinical Lead for Palliative Care HSE Powerpoint presentation 'Findings from palliative care action research projects: heart failure

Scott Murray - Relevance-of-palliative-care-for-diseases-other-than-cancer.pdf
Presentation delivered by Professor Scott A. Murray
St Columba’s Chair of Primary Palliative Care, University of Edinburgh. Presentation titled 'Relevance of the palliative care approach for diseases other than cancer' .

Agenda Community Hospital Network 26092012.pdf
Agenda of Dublin Community Hospital Network Meeting September 2012 (a network within the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network)

Patricia Rickard Presentation.pdf
A presentation by Patricia Rickard-Clarke at the Community Hospital Network Meeting, May 2012
An animation about Hospice Friendly Hospitals. This initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation aims to improve the culture in hospitals & residential care settings in relation to all aspects of dying, death and bereavement…

Breffni Mc Guinness of Irish Hospice foundation In conversation with Danai Papadatou
Breffni Mc Guinness training manager of the Irish Hospice Foundation talks to Danai Papadatou about working with children with terminal illnesses, self care for professionals and addressing grief in children


The Impact of Caring for Infants and Children who Die: helping staff cope with grief and build resistance
A flyer promoting a bereavement workshop being run by Professor Danai Papadatou, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Athens
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