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Volunteering handing out name badges
Images from the Forum on End of Life Conference given on the 24th October, 2013. This programme was a one day conference organised around a range of issues relating to dying, death and bereavement. The theme of this conference was “Length of Days,…

Professor Cillian Twomey.JPG
Images of various attendees at the 2013 forum on End of Life in Ireland
Short animation detailing how the Irish Hospice Foundation's 'Design & Dignity' project aims to provide comforting places and private spaces for people facing the end of life and their loved ones.
Aine Mc Cambridge of the Irish Hospice Foundation introduces the Art project which was developed for the 2013 Forum. The project saw people from around Ireland submit art pieces in remembrance of a loved one. The art pieces were then brought together…

The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme 2012-2015: An overview.
A brief overview of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme between the years of 2012-2015.

Hospice Friendly Hospitals article.
Publications giving an account of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

End of Life Care Map (2013 version).pdf
Thirteen page map designed for staff involved in any aspect of end-of-life care. 2013 version.

The Irish Hospice Foundation's 2013 annual report. The 36 page report contains a letter from IHF director Jean McKiernan and IHF CEO Sharon Foley.
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