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Dr Brendan O Shea addressing a public meeting on advance care planning on February 27th 2014. He outlines an acceptability study carried out in GP practice on using the 'Think Ahead' form as a tool to record wishes for end-of-life care.
Short video outlining the Hospice Friendly Hospital's project in the Mater Hospital Dublin to create a family room for relatives of patients at the end-of-life.
Short video detailing the development of a new mortuary in Mercy University Hospital Cork through the Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospital's Design & Dignity project.

Author Amos Oz , Professor of Hebrew Literature, Atsuo Fukuda, former Professor of Organic Materials Physics in the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Craig Barrett, former Associate Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University and former CEO…

Hospice Friendly Hospitals: A Case for Continued Investment.
An advocacy paper intended to argue in favor of the continued support for the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme 2012-2015: An overview.
A brief overview of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme between the years of 2012-2015.

Brid Carrol (left), Sharon Foley (middle) and Professor Ciaran O'Boyle attending the RCSI Certificate in Children and Loss Graduation, 2014.
Images from the RCSI Certificate in Children and Loss Graduation Ceremony, held in 2014.

Dr. Susan Delaney (left) and Dr. M. Katherine Shear (right) at Complicated Grief launch.
Images of Dr. Susan Delaney, Director, and Dr. M. Katherine Shear, Patron, at the launch of the Complicated Grief Programme in January 2014.

Annual Report 2014.pdf
The 2014 Annual Report of The Irish Hospice Foundation. The 36 page report contains a report from CEO Sharon Foley and letter from chairperson Jean McKiernan.

The Irish Hospice Foundation's Director's Report and Financial Statement 2014.
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