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‘Love-and-Steel’.-A-reflection.-A.-Hayes (AHN30, March 2015).pdf
Presentation by A. Hayes at the meeting of the March 2015 Acute Hospital Network Meeting

HFH-Network.-Agenda-for-11-June-2015 (AHN 40, March 2015).pdf
Agenda of the June 2015 meeting of the Acute Hospital Network

Workshop Aine McCambridge and Patricia Richard Clarke Presenation Think Ahead Forum 2015.pdf
A presentation by Aine McCambridge at the 2015 End-of-Life Forum
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Bereavement-Care-Subgroup.-Anne-Bergin (AHN 38, March 2015).pdf
Presentation by Anne Bergin, project leader of the bereavement care sub-group, at the 2015 June Meeting of the Acute Hospital Network Meeting

Conversations-at-End-of-Life-Bryan-Nolan Maintaining Hope to the End Forum 20150.pdf
Presentation by Bryan Nolan at End of Life Forum 2015

Assessment-against-the-HFH-Quality-Standards-overview.-C.Hilliard (AHN31, March 2015).pdf
A presentation by Carol Hilliard at the March 2015 meeting of the Acute Hospital Network

Guest-Spearker.-Ciarán-Browne.-Acute-Hospitals-and-Palliative-End-of-Life-Bereavment-Care (AHN 32, March 2015).pdf
Presentation by Ciarán Browne at the Acute Hospital Network Meeting March 2015

National-Standards-for-Bereavement-Care-following-Pregnancy-Loss-and-Perinatal-Death (April 2015 MNN 13).pdf
Presentation by Ciaran Browne at the Maternity and Neonatal Network Meeting April 2015
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