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The-Hospice-Friendly-Hospitals-Programme-an-overview.-Sharon-Foley April 27 2016.pdf
Overview presentation on the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme delivered by Sharon Foley on April 27 2016 at the 'Compassionate Care at the End of Life in Hospitals; leading by example' conference in The Srrand Hotel Limerick

Programme overview of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme.
An overview of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme, put together by Sharon Foley, the CEO of the Irish Hospice Foundation, 2016.

Gabriel Byrne attending the Launch of Hospice Friendly Hospitals Design & Dignity programme in Mater Hospital
Gabriel Byrne, attending the Mater Hospital with staff involved in the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Grace O Sullivan Aug 5 2016.mp3
Interview with Grace O'Sullivan, Grace was Administrator and development Assistant for the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme from 2010 to 2014 and National Development Coordinator, Acute Hospitals from 2014 to 2016. The Interview relfects on the…

Information about the Maternity & Neonatal Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network
Summary of the intention of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme project 'Maternity & Neonatal Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network'

MSc in Bereavement Studies, course profile, 2015-2016.
Copy of the 2015-2016 MSc in Bereavement Studies course profile.

Irish Hospice Foundation CEO Sharon Foley (left) and business woman and broadcaster Norah Casey launch the Irish Hospice Foundation's Christmas 2014 'Never Forgotten' Appeal in Dublin's Westbury Hotel November 26 2014
At the Launch in Dublin's Westbury Hotel of The Irish Hospice Foundation's Christmas Never Forgotten Appeal. Launched by Former Dragons Den star, business woman and broadcaster Norah Casey. Norah's husband Richard passed away after a battle with…

Postgrad Dip 2015 2016 after exam.jpg
The 2015/2016 postgraduate diploma in bereavement studies class after final exam.

Postgrad Dip MSc 2015 16 after exam wit O and M.jpg
MSC/posgraduate diploma in bereavement studies class of 2015/2016 with Irish Hospice Foundation's Orla Keegan and Maura Dunne

Orla Keegan Interview Aug 22 2016.mp3
Laura Rooney Ferris, Information & Library Manager Irish Hospice Foundation for the Irish Hospice Foundation, interviews Orla Keegan, Head of Education, Research and Bereavement Services at the IHF about her role at the foundation and the beginnings…
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