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Briefing-on-Advance-Care-Planning.-D.Shanager-A.Edghill-Irish-Hospice-Foundation (AHN 26, November 2014).pdf
Presentation by Angela Edghill and Deirdre Shanagher at the Acute Hospitals Network Meeting, November

Angela Edghill (left) and Taoiseach Enda Kenny at launch of Think Ahead second phase July 2014.jpg
In July 2014 Taoiseach Enda Kenny launched the second phase of the 'Think Ahead' initiative.
Guests and speakers included; Justice Catherine Mc Guinness, Dr Brendan O Shea, Chair of the Irish Hospice Foundation board Jean Mc Kiernan and Irish…

Justice Catherine Mc Guinness and Taoiseach Enda Kenny display a Think Ahead form at the launch of phase 2 July 2014.jpg
Photographs of the launch of phase two of the 'Think Ahead' programme in July 2014
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