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Professor Henk Schut Dublin Lecture, 2010
Slides from the lecture given by Professor Henk Schut in Dublin, 2010, concerning the need and nature of bereavement care.

Handouts for Loss, Death and Work for Organisations and Individuals masterclass.
Handouts provided by masterclass leader David Charles-Edwards as part of the seminar on death and bereavement in the workplace, held in conjunction with the Irish Hospice Foundation

Loss, Death and Work for Organisations and Individuals: Building Community in Challenging Times
A leaflet promoting a seminar run by David Charles- Edwards, regarding how to deal with the challenges that grief and change bring to a workplace.

The Impact of Caring for Infants and Children who Die: helping staff cope with grief and build resistance
A flyer promoting a bereavement workshop being run by Professor Danai Papadatou, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Athens

Evaluation Report: ‘The Impact of Caring for Infants and Children who Die – Helping Staff to Cope with Grief and Build Resilience’
An evaluation report compiled to review the workshop experience run by Danai Papadatou

The Irish Hospice Foundation Centre for Death and Bereavement Studies - Strategic Long Term Plan - DRAFT, 2000
A draft of the strategic long term plan for the development of the Bereavement Education Centre.

Speech by Orla Keegan at the opening of Bereavement Education Centre, 2003
Speech made by Orlan Keegan, Head of Education and Research at the Irish Hospice Foundation, at the opening of the Bereavement Education Centre, 13th May, 2003

Minutes of the Bereavement Service Steering Committee<br />
Wednesday 29th March 2000
Minutes from the 29th of March meeting of the Bereavement Services Steering Committee, concerning the development of a Bereavement Education Centre.

Minutes of the Bereavement Service Steering Committee, Thursday 14th June 2000
Minutes from the 14th of June, 2000 meeting of the Bereavement Service Steering Committee, held in Fitzwilliam Place, planning the development of a bereavement education centre.

Audience at the 2012 annual bereavement public information evening.
Since 2012 the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Bereavement Team have hosted an annual public information evening titled ‘Living with loss’. The event takes place in early November and features talks on bereavement. Representatives from bereavement support…
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