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A short video highlighting the importance of personal, dignified spaces for patients and families at the end of life. Families reflect on personal experiences of the death of a loved on in an Irish Hospital and how improvements to hospital design…
Short video outlining the Hospice Friendly Hospital's project in the Mater Hospital Dublin to create a family room for relatives of patients at the end-of-life.
Short video detailing the development of a new mortuary in Mercy University Hospital Cork through the Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospital's Design & Dignity project.
Short animation detailing how the Irish Hospice Foundation's 'Design & Dignity' project aims to provide comforting places and private spaces for people facing the end of life and their loved ones.

Honoured Guests, Honoured Places: An essay by Ken Worpole to Promote Discussion on the issues of Design and Dignity for the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.
Works addressing issues of space and how the physical environment in which an individual dies can influence their experience.

Hospice Friendly Hospitals article.
Publications giving an account of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Design, Dignity and Cost-Effectiveness at the End of Life Care in Hospital: a review of the literature.
A literature review relating to writings on end of life care in hospitals.
Short video giving an introduction to the Design and dignity programme. Features an introduction by Seamus Heaney
Gabriel Byrne, at the Mater Hospital, Pillar Room, on Monday November 8. thanked staff at the Mater Hospital for their involvement in the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme, and encouraged them to continue working to improve end-of-life care...Pic…
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