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Dr Deirdre Madden Public meeting june 6th 2012 on Do Not Attempt Resuscitation.jpg
Images from public meetings about the topic, 'Do Not Attempt Resuscitation ' and organ donation, June 6th 2012

DNAR discussion Nov 2016.pdf
A presentation at the Residential Network Meeting November 2016 (formerly Dublin Community Network)

Presentation-on-DNAR-Policy-Dublin-June-2014 (AHN 20, June 2014).pdf
Presentation by Shaun O'Keeffe (Galway University Hospital) at the June 2014 meeting of the Acute Hospital Network

Pilot-of-a-DNACPR-form-at-University-Hospital-Limerick (AHN June 2016).pdf
Presentation from Acute Hospital Network meeting June 2016
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