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Revised Agenda -HFH Comunity Hospital Network Meeting 20th November 2014 (2).pdf
'Agenda for Community Hospital Network Meeting November 2014'

Dublin Comunity Network Meeting 29th Oct 2015 Agenda.pdf
'Agenda for October 2015 Dublin Community Network meeting (one of the hospice friendly hospital networks)

Caring for the dying-Death Review Project.pdf
A presentation by Barbara Sweeney on caring for the dying, delivered at the Dublin Community Hospital Network November 2014 meeting (part of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network).

'Champions for Change' buttons, 2005
Button designs with the slogan 'Champions for Change' to promote Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme.

'Champions for Change' poster
Poster using the 'Champions for Change' slogan to promote the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme

Community Hospital Network 2013 Review.pdf
A review of the community hospital network (one of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals networks) from November 2013

DNAR discussion Nov 2016.pdf
A presentation at the Residential Network Meeting November 2016 (formerly Dublin Community Network)

End of Life Care Planning 21st March.pdf
Presentation by Rita Gallagher at the Dublin Community Hospital Network (part of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Network)

IHF Grief  Older Person 29 10 15.pdf
A presentation by Jennifer Allen, Senior Social Worker, at the Dublin Community Hospital Network Meeting October 2015

‘Love-and-Steel’.-A-reflection.-A.-Hayes (AHN30, March 2015).pdf
Presentation by A. Hayes at the meeting of the March 2015 Acute Hospital Network Meeting
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