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When a Loved One Dies.
Information booklet for those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

What-Matters-to-Me-Evaluation-Findings-Aoife-O-Neill (DCN12).pdf
A Presentation by Aoife O'Neill delivered at August 2014 Dublin Community Hospital (one of the Hospice Friendly Hospital Networks)

The-Palliative-Care-Needs-Assessment (AHN June 2016).pdf
Presentation from Acute Hospital Network June 2016

Presentation-on-DNAR-Policy-Dublin-June-2014 (AHN 20, June 2014).pdf
Presentation by Shaun O'Keeffe (Galway University Hospital) at the June 2014 meeting of the Acute Hospital Network

The-Hospice-Friendly-Hospitals-Programme-an-overview.-Sharon-Foley April 27 2016.pdf
Overview presentation on the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme delivered by Sharon Foley on April 27 2016 at the 'Compassionate Care at the End of Life in Hospitals; leading by example' conference in The Srrand Hotel Limerick

The Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme 2012-2015: An overview.
A brief overview of the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme between the years of 2012-2015.

The-Experience-of-Healthcare-Assistants-in-Providing-End-Of-Life-Care-in-a-Continuing-Care-Unit-Presentation (DCN2).pdf
A presentation by Deirdre Shanagher from the February 2013 meeting of the Dublin Community Network (one of the Hospice Friendly Hospital Networks)

Design-Dignity-Diarmuid-Ó-Coimín-Mater-Hospital-St-Brigids-Ward-Family-Room-June-2014 (AHN 17, June 2014).pdf
Presentation by Diarmuid Ó Coimín at the June 2014 Acute Hospital Network Meeting about refurbishments in the Mater hospital due to the Design & Dignity Project

Presentation-on-results-of-the-Irish-national-audit-of-dementia-care-in-acute-hospitals (ACH 4, March 2014).pdf
Presentation by Anna de Siun at the Acute Hospital Network Meeting, March 2014
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