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Short animation detailing how the Irish Hospice Foundation's 'Design & Dignity' project aims to provide comforting places and private spaces for people facing the end of life and their loved ones.

Dying and Death in an Acute Hospital : Exploring the Views and Experiences of Hospital Staff.
A document exploring the results of focus group discussions undertaken with the staff of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital as part of the Care for People Dying in Hospitals Project.

Literature Review of "Integrated Care" for Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospital Programme.
A literature review of academic writings on the topic of integrated care.

Literature Review of "Communication" for the Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.
A literature review on the topic of communication in a hospital setting for the friends and family of the dying which was undertaken for Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Honoured Guests, Honoured Places: An essay by Ken Worpole to Promote Discussion on the issues of Design and Dignity for the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.
Works addressing issues of space and how the physical environment in which an individual dies can influence their experience.

Hospice Friendly Hospitals: A Case for Continued Investment.
An advocacy paper intended to argue in favor of the continued support for the Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Cost-Effectiveness of Palliative Care in Hospital: a review of the literature.
A literature review on the topic of cost-effectiveness of palliative care.

National Practice Development Programme: End of Life Care in Major Band 1 Hospitals. Introducing a Framework for Person-Centered Care.
An interim report on the effect of a programme implemented in several hospitals around Ireland, intended to develop a person centered framework.

Quality Standards for End- of- Life Care in Hospitals: Making end-of-life care central to hospital care.
Report on how to identify and implement quality standards for end-of-life care in a hospital setting.
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