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Poster for Muc Day for hospice 2005.jpg
Poster for the second 'Muc day' for hospice April 2005

Muc for Hospice.JPG
School children pictured wearing 'muc' masks for 'Muc day' April 2004. The fundraising day for childrens hospice services encouraged school children to wear their Muc faces to school.

Gavin Friday with Muc.JPG
Gavin Friday pictured with 'Muc' the mascot of 'Muc in for hospice' day 2004

Clown with Muc.JPG
Clown pictured with 'Muc' for 'Muc in for Hospice' day April 2004

Poster 'Muc Day' for Hospice 1 April 2004.jpg
A poster for 'Muc day' on April 1 2004. Part of the 'Muc in for hospice' project which was developed from an idea by Gavin Friday and artist Laurent Mellet. .
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