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Palliative Care for all - Action Research Project Overview, 2011
This video features interviews detailing the Irish Hospice Foundation's palliative care for all action research project which aims to extend palliative care to patients with end stage dementia, respiratory illness and heart failure.

Palliative care for all conference, 2012 Audio & Photos
Short closing interviews with presenters at the 'Palliative care for all' conference which took place on September 14 2012 in the Royal College of Physicians Ireland

Palliative Care For All: Integrating Palliative Care into<br />
Disease Management Frameworks
Full report of 'Palliative care for all'
Dr Katherine Sleeman, Lecturer in Palliative Care Medicine, Kings College London talks about what a ‘good death’ is, Where and how do people die in the 21st century, If we can change how people die and reduce inequality in hospice provision and…
GP Dr Ciara Kelly talks about why is it important to talk about dying, death and bereavement, the role of the GP and shares her thoughts about grief and loss.

Dying and Death in an Acute Hospital : Exploring the Views and Experiences of Hospital Staff.
A document exploring the results of focus group discussions undertaken with the staff of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital as part of the Care for People Dying in Hospitals Project.

Literature Review of "Communication" for the Irish Hospice Foundation's Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.
A literature review on the topic of communication in a hospital setting for the friends and family of the dying which was undertaken for Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme.

Cost-Effectiveness of Palliative Care in Hospital: a review of the literature.
A literature review on the topic of cost-effectiveness of palliative care.

End of Life Care Map (2013 version).pdf
Thirteen page map designed for staff involved in any aspect of end-of-life care. 2013 version.

End-of-Life Care Map 2nd edition  2012.pdf
Thirteen page guide for staff dealing with end-of-life care. 2012 Version.
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