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Dr Mary Redmond with Sunflower girl.JPG
Picture of Mary Redmond relaxing at her home with her painting 'sunflower girl' hanging in the background and the family cat in foreground

Dr Mary Redmond with her Dad Séan.jpg
Photograph of Mary Redmond with her father Dr John (Sean) Redmond in the early 1980's

Dr Mary Redmond, founder of the Irish Hospice Foundation-18/10/91 Photographed by Joe St Leger for The Irish Times Ref. no.: 497440

Ms Mary Redmond- Ref. no.: 497410 18/06/1991
Photographed by Joe St Leger for The Irish Times

Author Amos Oz , Professor of Hebrew Literature, Atsuo Fukuda, former Professor of Organic Materials Physics in the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Craig Barrett, former Associate Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University and former CEO…

14/09/2006 - The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern at the consultation seminar on taskforce on Active citzenship at Croke Park, with Miriam O Callaghan, Dr Mary Redmond, Taskforce member and Mary Davis, chairperson of the Taskforce. Photographed by Cyril Byrne…

22/11/1996 -Mr Gerry Dwyer, Secretary of the Department of Health, with Dr Mary Redmond, Chairperson and Founder of the Irish Hospice Foundation and Dr Tony O'Brien Chairman, Irish Association for Palliative Care, at the official launch of a joint…

Dr Mary Redmond founder of the Wheel in 1999 and member of its Core Group with Dr Edward de Bono and Leanne Hyland (17) of the Happy City Samba School Band at conference entitled "The Future Is Ours -Be The Change" organised by The Wheel, an…

Image of Dr Mary Redmond, founder of the Wheel and member of its Core Group, with Dr. Edward de Bono at The Wheel conference entitled "The Future Is Ours -Be The Change". an independent network of groups and individuals working in the Irish…

An image of Dr. Mary Redmond, in her office at Arthur Cox Solicitors. Appeared in the Saturday Features section of the Irish Times. Photographed by Pat Langan. Ref. no. 60152
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