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Irish Research on Death, Dying, HospicePalliative Care and Bereavement.pdf
Documents outlining the research development activities and goals of the audit of Research and Palliative Care, Hospice and Bereavement, conducted between 2001-2002.

Irish Hospice Foundation, Research Strategy Outline, 2001.pdf
Copy of document outlining the Irish Hospice Foundation research aims and proposed activities from 2001.

Irish Hospice Foundation Annual Report 2001

The National Library of Ireland, Collection List No. 99: The Whoseday Book: the Archive.
A document discussing the listing of the Whoseday Book in the National library of Ireland.

An image of Dr. Mary Redmond, in her office at Arthur Cox Solicitors. Appeared in the Saturday Features section of the Irish Times. Photographed by Pat Langan. Ref. no. 60152
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