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Palliative care for all conference, 2012 Audio & Photos
Short closing interviews with presenters at the 'Palliative care for all' conference which took place on September 14 2012 in the Royal College of Physicians Ireland

Palliative Care For All: Integrating Palliative Care into<br />
Disease Management Frameworks
Full report of 'Palliative care for all'

Palliative Care for all - Action Research Project Overview, 2011
This video features interviews detailing the Irish Hospice Foundation's palliative care for all action research project which aims to extend palliative care to patients with end stage dementia, respiratory illness and heart failure.

Eugene Murray on Afternoon Show Oct 10 2008
An interview on the Afternoon Show in 2008 with Eugene Murray, CEO of Irish Hospice Foundation, and a long time patient, Una Versey, of the Harold Cross Hospice. The discussion focuses on World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

RTE news Fergal Bowers reports on calls by IHF for better care for the dying 12 May 2005
A news report by Fergal Bowers discussing the importance of effective end of life care, and the role of the Irish Hospice Foundation.
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