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Peamount Case Study.pdf
A case study on the death of a patient delivered to the Dublin Community Network by Peamont Healthcare

End of life changes in RHD.pdf
A presentation on end of life care changes in the Royal Hospital Donnybrook as a result of design and dignity programme

'Having the Discussion'.pdf
Presentation at the Dublin Community Hospital Network, March 2011

Forum-2011-Preparing-the-Public-Workshop (Kathy McLoughlin & Marie Richardson).pdf
Workshop facilitated by Kathy McLoughlin and Marie Richardson at the 2011 End of Life Forum, relating to the topic of preparing the public for issues relating to death.

Forum-2011-Medicalisation-of-Dying-Workshop (1) Prof Aidan Halligan.pdf
A workshop facilitated by Professor Aidan Halligan relating to the topic of the medicalisation of dying.

Forum-2011-Carers-Workshop-Marie Lynch.pdf
A workshop facilitated by Marie Lynch at the 2011 Forum on End of LIfe, relating to the issue of carers,

Forum-2011-Tom-Inglis Response to Conor O'Cleary.pdf
A response by Dr. Tom Inglis to Conor O'Clery.

Forum-2011-Speech-Eithne-Hyland Let Us Remember How We Once Dealt With Death.pdf
A speech given by Eithane Hyland at the 2011 End of Life Forum.

A speech given by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the 2011 Forum on End of Life

Forum-2011-Mark-Hazlewood-Presentation Scotland and Ireland Can We Learn From Each Other.pdf
Presentation given by Mark Hazelwood at the 2011 Forum on End of Life.
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