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Letter from Therese Brady to Mary Redmond on setting up of volunteer bereavement support for Saint Francis Hospice - July 1989
Letter written by Therese Brady from UCD school of Psychology to Mary Redmond on the setting up of a volunteer bereavement support service for Saint Francis Hospice

Celebrity Day for Hospice Foundation in Powerscourt 26 Nov 1989 RTE news
A report on the fundraising effort 'Celebrity Day' held in Powerscourt in 1989, which includes interviews with the various celebrities involved. Celebrities interviewed include, Jerry Hall, Susan Tulley, Sue Johnston, Ricky Tomlinson, Kevin Kennedy,…

Original staff of St. Francis Hospice.
Image of the original staff from St. Francis Hospice.

Original Hospice principles charter 1989.jpg
An image of the typed principles of the Irish Hospice Foundation from 1989.
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