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Letter from Vincent Kenny to Dr. Mary Redmond<br />
<br />
Letter from Vincent Kenny, Chief Executive of the Irish Hospice Foundation to Dr. Mary Redmond regarding his commercial connections in France.

Letter from Dr. Mary Redmond to Oona McKiernan<br />
<br />
A letter from Dr. Mary Redmond to Oona McKiernan letter her known about a meeting regarding the planned Rare Wine Gala fundraiser.

Letter from Vincent Kenny to Mr. Gerard Salmon<br />
<br />
A letter from the Irish Hospice Foundation Chief Executive Vincent Kenny to the Export Director of Caves de la Reine Pedauque, Gerard Salmon. The letter refers to an earlier meeting had between the two men and the possibility of Gerard's organisation…

Letter from Dr. Mary Redmond to Joe Mulholland<br />
<br />
A typed letter form Dr. Mary Redmond to Joe Mulholland in RTE. The letter invites Joe to create a programme covering the fundraising efforts for St. Francis Hospice, Raheny. The details of the wines being used, the origins of the fundraising idea and…

Letter of thanks for the success of the Rare Wines Gala<br />
<br />
A letter of thanks from Dr. Mary Redmond to Ms. Oona McKiernan. The letter thanks Oona for both her work and support in the organising of the fundraising, and for donating a wine to be auctioned.

Handwritten schedule planning Rare Wine Gala<br />
<br />
A handwritten schedule by Dr. Mary Redmond planning how the Rare Wine Gala would take place, and detailing tasks that needed to be completed. There are also drafts of how the various wines would be described.

Handwritten plans for wines used in the Gala.<br />
<br />
A handwritten note by Mary Redmond, detailing the wine to be used in the Gala, with brief descriptions of the items and how they would be packaged. These notes also contain projections and information about the prices of wine and how much they would…
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